New Years Eve

Whether you celebrate by partying until daylight, or if you are tucked in bed by midnight so you can be ready for your New Year’s brunch the next morning – the New Year is a great time to try vegan! Many people make New Year’s Resolutions to help them get healthy; a plant-based diet is an excellent way to achieve these resolutions! Take a look at all the ways going vegan can help your health here and check out below for some amazing New Year’s recipes, drink ideas, already-vegan traditions, and more!

Ring in the New Year with these Perfect Party Hors d'oeuvres

Vegans Spirits

Wine and beer are not necessarily vegan. You can use Barnivore for a guide to vegan wines, beers, and liquors. Please celebrate responsibly. 

Cheers to A Vegan New Year!

Vegan New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

People celebrate the New Year in all sorts of ways. By eating certain foods, wearing certain colors, and beyond – there are lots of traditions that are and always have been vegan-friendly!

  • Denmark: Brake plates- On New Year’s Eve Danes throw plates they have saved up over the year at the front doors of loved ones for good luck. More plates, more luck! 
  • Colombia and Peru: Couch Potatoes- It is said you can predict your financial year by putting three potatoes under your couch- one peeled, one half peeled, one unpeeled. At midnight you grab one. No skin means no money, half peeled means a normal year, and the unpeeled potato means you will have good fortune in the New Year! 
  • Italy: Lenticchie- Italians eat lentils at midnight! This tradition is said to date back to ancient Rome. The round legumes are representative of coins, bringing prosperity in the New Year. 
  • Brazil: Wear white and jump waves- In Brazil people wear white for goodluck and peace. Some will also head down to the beach and jump seven waves. You get a wish for each wave! 
  • Philippines: 12 round fruits- Filipinos celebrate by eating 12 round fruits at midnight. Apples for peace and harmony, grapes for money, pineapples for good fortune, and oranges for the gift of gold.
  • Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico: Yellow underwear- Wearing yellow underwear is supposed to bring good luck, but there’s a catch! They need to be gifted to you for it to work. 
  • Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil: Pink Underwear- Same thing, but pink!
  • Venezuela and Colombia: Walk outside with a suitcase- Walk either around your home or the block with a suitcase on New Years if you are hoping for opportunities to travel! 
  • South America and Caribbean Countries: Throw a bucket of water out your window- Throwing a bucket of water out your window or door is throwing out all of last year’s tears and suffering and bringing in renewal. 
  • Worldwide: Make resolutions- People worldwide make resolutions to help better themselves, their families, communities and beyond. This New Year, consider a compassionate resolution!

Ready to give it a go?

Check out the 31-day Veganuary Challenge! 

Their amazing team has put together all the resources you need to knock out your first month of veganism! Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. During the 2022 campaign, more than 620,000 people took our pledge to try a vegan diet, while more than 1,540 new vegan products and menu options were launched in our key campaign countries.

Want more information?

Check out LiveVegan

LiveVegan has specific information for all kinds of people. They even have live vegan support every week! Stop by to ask your questions! No matter what has you veg-curious, LiveVegan has you covered. LiveVegan is packed with useful information, shareable downloads, movie and book recommendations, plant-based recipes, events, and lists of social media influencers to keep you inspired; all customized for you.

The FARM Buzz’s Vegan Gift Guide 2022

“Exchanging gifts is a time-honored tradition many people participate in during the holiday season and beyond. As many vegans do, we try to live a cruelty-free existence while also working to protect the planet for ourselves and the animals. Following vegan values to cause no harm can make finding products and companies to support a time-consuming task. That’s why we created this easy-to-follow vegan gift guide that includes something for every vegan on your list, no matter the occasion or the budget.”