Compassionate Holidays Give Thanks With Compassion

Step 1: Plan Ahead

If you're going to be a guest at the table, let your hosts know you don't consume animal products ahead of time. You can help by asking what you can bring and how you can help prepare the meal. Make a list of your holiday favorites or follow our suggested recipes to easily veganize traditional meals.
You don't have to try to convince your entire family to go vegan over the holidays. The message might be better received at other times of the year, when food choices aren't as entrenched in tradition. Live by example and plant seeds of compassion.

Step 2: Explore Convenient Vegan Holiday Foods

It's easy to enjoy many Thanksgiving sides without the meat, dairy and eggs simply by replacing animal ingredients with their plant-based equivalents. The same can be said for the main course! Choose any of these delicious products without compromising texture or taste. The turkeys will thank you!

  • Tofurky Roast, brought to you by Turtle Island Foods, is a pre-cooked vegan feast. Made from a tofu-wheat protein blend, Tofurky is known for its great texture and flavor. Enhanced with a deliciously moist stuff, we think you'll love it.
  • Field Roast has created an amazing veggie-stuffed entrée that’s perfect for the holidays. Each roast is made by hand, wrapped in cotton netting, and simmered to perfection. It is complete with a stuffing made of butternut squash, apples, and mushrooms.
  • SO Delicious has made a delicious coconut milk beverage with the sensational flavors of mint chocolate and nog to help meet all of your holiday needs.
  • Garden Protein International is the manufacturer of this versatile product. The Veggie Turkey Breast with Wild Rice and Cranberry Stuffing is available at natural food stores for the holidays.
  • Silk Seasonal Nog offers all the creamy, rich flavor of eggnog without the eggs, dairy, saturated fat or cholesterol. Sprinkle on a little nutmeg and enjoy!
  • Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are a cruelty-free alternative to traditional marshmallows. Melt them on top of a sweet potato casserole or toss them into hot chocolate for a delicious holiday treat!

Step 3: Veganize Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

It's easy to make almost any recipe vegan simply by substituting ingredients. Veganizing some of your old favorite recipes is a great way to get further down the vegan path. Here's how:

Try New Recipes!

Step 4: Get Involved in Your Community

Attend an Event

Share the vegan journey with new friends! If you're new to animal-free eating and looking to enjoy a vegan Thanksgiving or other vegan gathering, find an event near you.

Organizing your own potluck? Register your event and request free literature here.


Organize a Vegan Food Drive

The holidays are a great time to spread compassion by helping animals and humans alike. Get in the holiday spirit by organizing a vegan food drive in your community! Check out the Compassionate Activist Network guide for tips on getting started.